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Welcome to Soaps by Kristy. I provide all the essentials, from homemade all-natural soaps, lip balms to lotion bars. You can give me a call at +15184286676. If you’re too busy even for a quick chat, then just fill in my form to place your order, and I can deliver to Scotia and its surrounding areas.

Natural fragrance and 100% essential oils by Simply Earth

All my homemade products are made from natural sources, whether you’re interested in my classic soap and lotion bar collections. I think it’s important to create sustainable products that give you all nature has to offer and not the toxic additives that are added by many companies.
My products will leave you smelling …

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Halloween soaps

Halloween soaps

Set of 7 glow in the dark Halloween soaps

set of 7 Halloween glow in the dark soaps 

kid friendly-no essential oil/fragrances

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Set of 6-glow in the dark Halloween soaps

Set of six glow in the dark Halloween soap 

kid friendly-no essential oils/ soap fragrance 

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Skull & crossbones bar soap

Set of 2 bar soaps 

kid friendly no scent made w glycerine soap , mica powder glow in the dark, & eco glitter.

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