Lotion Bars

Rose Petals Lotion Bars

VANILLA W(or wo)ROSE PETALS OR PINK VANILLA ROSE WITH(or wo) ROSE PETALS LOTION BARS- made with all natural ingredients.

Made with 2-3 different butters, beeswax, 1-2 oils, vitamin E, essential oil/fragrance oil (vanilla, rose essential oil)

Choose from: butterfly, ladybug, heart, bee, 100% Handmade, dragonfly, moon cake OR large deodorant container, 2 mini deodorant containers

Approximately 1.5-2oz

Can pick from - Shea butter, cocoa butter- (smells like chocolate), non deodorized cocoa butter (doesn’t smell like chocolate), &mango butter

Oils- Almond oil, grapeseed oil, apricot oil, jojoba oil


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