Shea butter 🐝 soaps

Shea butter 🐝 soaps

with flower
honey base

Honey bee 🐝 soaps are all made with honey base soap or Shea butter with oatmeal added. They all also have local raw honey added to them, which is amazing for your skin. the combination of raw honey and oatmeal is also ideal for exfoliating your skin and making it soft and glowing 

Lots of different options of the honeybee soaps 

The honey and oatmeal soaps are made with Shea butter soap base, mica powder , and lavender essential oil 

Other scents are available 

Please choose from a scent , soap base, and design, I will make these soaps to your liking 

after you place an order I will contact you to ask for further details 💙🐝

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